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ADT Home Security Packages and Deals in Ontario

With an ADT Monitored Alarm System from Alarm Guard, you can help protect the valuables and important items you have in your home. Your property in Ontario will be supervised by ADT’s network of command centers, a high decibel alarm siren, and pet sensitive sensors that allow ADT certified correspondents to inform police and fire authorities when potentially dangerous activity occurs in or around your home.

You can get a full ADT monitored home security system for free from Alarm Guard today. This is an $850 value free with only a $99 installation cost. Your security system will be installed by our trained professionals so you don’t have to hassle with installation and you know that it’s done correctly from the start.

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Your ADT home security system is connected to ADT’s Customer Monitoring Centers that are always available. ADT Ontario monitors your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The monitored smoke detectors and medical emergency services provided by ADT utilize “Always On” technology so you get the protection even if your burglar alarm is not armed. If an alarm in your home is triggered, ADT will alert the police, fire department or ambulance service even if you are not home. ADT has been protecting homes and businesses for over 100 years and secures over 800,000 homes in Canada just like yours.


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