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Properly securing your home from any and every hazard requires security equipment that needs to be built of the highest quality for those times when there is no room for error or failure. Rest assured that there is always somebody watching over the alarm system so that when the need arises for rapid response, no time is wasted in contacting the police, fire, or medical rescue support personnel. Listed below is an outline of what comes standard in every ADT (now Telus) package, and for those who require greater security we have optional equipment and services that will meet any and every need.

Included With All Telus Monitoring Systems

24 hour monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring

Telus understands how vital it is in making sure somebody is watching over your security system every single minute of the day, and every day of the year without exception. This is why there are 6 interconnected Customer Monitoring Centres that will ensure you never have any interruption in service, and a quick response is what you can always expect.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Control all your devices with one app. The smartphone app provides complete access to home automation and security equipment including cameras, doorbells, lights, locks, garage doors, thermostats, and more right through your smartphone.

Keychain Remote

Keychain Remote

The wireless keychain remote control offers you the convenience and security of arming and disarming your system from up to 200 feet away without ever having to go to the keypad except when an emergency arises, and you need to confirm the actuality of the emergency with the Monitoring Centre. It utilizes a specialized code technology to prevent signal theft, and it also has a panic button for when you need to get an immediate dispatch from the police, and time is crucial.

Back-up Battery

Back-up Battery

There is always the possibility that your home could face a power outage due to a natural event like a storm, or through increased power usage in your area that could create a surge and knock out the power, or even when an intruder tries to cut the power to your home in an attempt to disable your security system. In times when power is not present in your home, your back-up battery offers supplemental power insuring that your alarm system is always on and has the ability to protect you and your family.

Digital Keypad

Digital Keypad

This simple yet powerful unit is the central control point for your alarm system. It has a full LCD message display and also has one touch communication with local police, fire, and medical dispatch. You can also activate or deactivate your system through the button panel if you don't have access to your wireless keychain remote.

Entryway Points

Protection For Up To 3 Entry Points

These wireless door/window sensors are designed to protect your most vulnerable entry points to your home, and send a signal directly through your Keypad control unit to the Customer Monitoring Centre if their connection is compromised while your system is armed. When the system is unarmed, they also send a signal to the Keypad activating a chime whenever a door or window is opened where the sensors are located.


High Decibel Alarm

When your security system has been compromised by an intruder, an ear piercing high decibel alarm will let the thief know that his actions have been detected and police are on their way, plus it is loud enough that your neighbors will hear it and will also have the opportunity to possibly identify the description of the intruder, giving the police a better chance of catching the thief.

ADT (now Telus)

Yard Sign and Window Decals

Telus sign and decals are your first line deterrents against thieves who are constantly roaming various neighborhoods searching for vulnerable homes that serve as easy prey. It is well known that criminals will avoid any possibility of being detected, and will always choose to rob homes that don't offer the chance of being noticed or possibly caught in the act.

Optional Security Equipment and Services

Each of the options listed below are available on the security alarm package upgrades through ADT (now Telus). If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us and we'll try to find a way to accommodate your needs.


The Cellguard is a replacement for the standard Digital Keypad for homes that don't have traditional land-line phone service. The Cellguard unit operates instead using cellular technology to connect to the Customer Monitoring Centre.

Fire Safety Monitoring

Provides monitoring of your homes fire alarms by connecting them to your home security system. If smoke levels rise enough to trigger the fire alarm, a signal is sent to the Monitoring Center so rapid dispatch of the fire department can be made when an actual fire occurs.

Critical Condition Monitoring

Special sensors are placed in your home to notify the Monitoring Centre against the event of rising water, whether it's from an overflowing dishwasher, washing machine, broken pipe, or external water from a flood or storm.

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