Cost vs. Benefits of Home Security: Is it Worth the Price?

costs vs. benefits of home security
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Today, more than ever, home security is top of mind for many homeowners. Our homes protect not only our valuables but what’s most important to us—our families. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to keep our homes safer, including home security systems. When looking at these options, one of the biggest questions is regarding the cost vs. benefits of home security. Is it worth the investment?

In most instances, the answer is a resounding yes. Home security systems offer not only enhanced protection but also provide additional benefits, making them a wise investment. Here’s why:

  • They deter crime. The most obvious benefit of home security systems is that if you have one, your home is less likely to be targeted by potential intruders. Statistics consistently demonstrate this. For example, research from Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found simply having an alarm system makes homes less appealing to would-be intruders. In addition, research from the University of North Carolina found that 60% of convicted burglars said they would seek an alternative target if they saw an alarm system was present.
  • They reduce homeowner’s or renter’s insurance (usually). One benefit many people aren’t aware of is that installing a home security system can cut insurance costs. Most insurance companies provide attractive discounts to those who have systems installed. Discounts can range from 2% all the way up to 20%. The discount is often higher if you have more than one protective device (e.g., smart locks, deadbolts, alarm systems) or if your security service includes features like 24/7 professional monitoring, which not only protects against intruders but helps mitigate damage from water or fire. The reduced chance of a claim makes your home more appealing to insurers.
  • Remote monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are—even if you’re in another country. This feature is particularly beneficial for people who travel frequently or have more than one residence.
  • Fire, gas, and flood protection, which can save costs on expensive repairs or could even save your home in the event of an emergency.
  • Increased property value as homes that already have a security system installed are appealing to home buyers, especially in areas where crime rates have been rising.
  • Greater peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are protected. Peace of mind is priceless, especially as the world increasingly seems more unpredictable and chaotic.

The costs vs. benefits of installing a home security system make it obvious that it’s a wise investment for many customers, especially as safety and security are growing concerns.

Costs of Home Security Systems

While we believe the benefits far outweigh the costs, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. For instance, there are initial installation fees, which can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the system. While basic home security may be relatively affordable, costs can increase if you are interested in more advanced systems that provide cameras, sensors, and smart technology.

In addition, 24/7 monitoring can also increase the monthly fees, which can range from fairly modest to more expansive, depending on how comprehensive the service is and what it provides.

You’ll also have to ensure your security system is well maintained and that you regularly replace batteries and stay up to date with sensors and cameras. Repairs and upgrades as technology advances can increase the costs.

There are also some risks to be aware of with home security systems, such as false alarms, which may be triggered by technical malfunctions or simple mistakes. Knowing the laws in your area can help you prevent becoming a nuisance and incurring fines from some enforcement offices.

It’s also important to understand your system and know how to use it. Some of the more advanced systems have more complex operating systems. If they aren’t used correctly, you may not be fully protected.

Power and internet outages are also a concern as many systems rely on electricity and connection. Ensure your system provides backup options for full protection.

Other issues with security systems include growing privacy concerns. As home security systems with cameras and recording devices have become more common, so have privacy concerns. For example, people may forget their own activities are being recorded or could be viewed by a family member or authorities, leading to embarrassment or discomfort.

Finally, people can become over-reliant on technology for security, potentially overlooking basic security measures like ensuring the home has strong locks and well-lit exteriors.

costs vs. benefits of home security
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Cost vs. Benefits of Home Security Takeaway

When weighing the cost vs. benefits of a home security system, it becomes evident that they’re a worthy investment for homeowners and renters. They offer more than a deterrent to burglars. They provide a wide-ranging solution for enhanced home safety, contribute to lower costs, and, most of all, provide peace of mind that pays dividends.

Check out our packages and call now for a free quote at 1-855-518-4458 and talk with an expert about a customized package to keep your home safe and secure. Remember, a security system could help you save on homeowner’s insurance and offer additional safety and protection as well as greater peace of mind.

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