Fort McMurray, Alberta is Up in Flames as Wildfire Wrecks Havoc

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A raging wildfire is sweeping across Alberta, Canada. The hot, dry, windy weather in the area have helped fuel the fire (which started on May 1st) and continues to cause widespread devastation in the city of Fort McMurray Currently, roughly 90,000 people have been forced to evacuate; and those who lived in the Northern parts of Fort McMurray had to be rescued and flown over the uncontrolled fire. People continue to scramble southward for safety.

How the Wildfire Started

No one knows how the fire began; it’s unclear whether it is from natural causes (such as lightening) or whether it’s man-related (such as from a cigarette butt or arson). Either way, a total of over 200,000 acres and growing have been incinerated and countless homes and businesses have been ruined. To put that into perspective, the fire is larger than Chicago and Boston put together.

Recent reports indicate that upwards of 2,000 structures have gone up in flames—although there are no confirmed fatalities. With so many evacuees who have lost their homes and businesses, the best way to currently help is to get in touch with several organizations that are providing assistance.

How You Can Help Fort McMurray Evacuees

There are several great organizations that are providing assistance. Please feel free to get in-touch with any of these:

  • The Edmonton Food Bank is accepting food-related assistance. They are taking both food and monetary donations. To sent a direct online money donation, you can go to here. Food items can be dropped off at any number of Alberta grocery stores and fire stations. Check with your local grocery store and fire station to make sure they are receiving donations.
  • The Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society is accepting everyday items (from toiletries, bedding, clothing, diapers, etc.).
  • The Canadian Red Cross is able to provide shelter, food, clothing and a number of personal services to Alberta fire victims. Monetary donations can be sent here.



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