Outage-Proof Your Home Security

Outage-Proof Your Home
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Power outages are a significant and growing concern in Canada as they’re becoming more frequent and prolonged. If you have a home security system and have found increased outages in your area, you may wonder how to outage-proof your home (or if you need to).

Increased Risk of Power Outages

According to one report, 8.2 million Canadians in 2021 were affected by power outages in Quebec alone due to aging infrastructure, equipment failures, and extreme weather conditions. High winds, freezing rain, heat waves, etc., all place more demands on the grid, which can lead to lost power.

The average power outage can last around four hours, which has increased by a drastic 63% since 2012. Thus, it’s more important now than ever before for residents and businesses to prepare for times when power isn’t available, especially as weather patterns continue to become more extreme.

Your Home Security System vs. a Power Outage

Fortunately, home security systems from ADT (now Telus) are designed to continue to protect your home, even during a power outage. Here’s how:

  • Backup batteries provide power during an outage to keep the system operational for several hours. Thus, monitoring and alarm notifications, as well as other main functions, continue to work until power is restored.
  • Cellular communications continue to run even if you lose internet service when the power fails. That means your home security system can continue to communicate with the monitoring center and send alerts to your mobile phone to help outage-proof your home.
  • Sensor functions for the doors, windows, and glass generally run on batteries. They’ll continue to function and trigger alarms if your home is breached or glass is broken due to the storm.
  • Traditional phone lines continue to allow communications even when the power is out. If you still have a phone line, you can continue communicating with monitors even when the power is out for a long time.

Outage-Proof Your Home with These Additional Measures

In addition to the mechanisms that come with your system, there are some steps you can take as well to help keep your system up and running during a power outage. For example, it’s a good idea to ensure you have charged batteries and that your security system is functioning correctly before the weather turns.

It’s also important to know the capacity of your backup batteries and have a plan for outages that last longer than usual. You may, for instance, want to have extra batteries on hand, so you can replace them when needed. The system can alert you if batteries begin to run low and need to be replaced.

If power goes out regularly or you are expecting an unusually harsh winter, you may also want to have an alternative power source to tap into. This could include a generator or solar panels with battery backup.

After the power is restored, you may also need to reset your security system to function normally. Use your mobile app or web portal to get status updates for your system when you’re away from home. That way, you’ll know you need to reset your system when you return home.

Outage-Proof Your Home
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Prepare for Weather Changes

Canadians are no strangers to changing and often extreme weather conditions. During the winter, power outages are more likely due to intense storms with severe cold and heavy snowfall. Being prepared with backup batteries or generators can help keep your security system up and running. And it can provide necessary heat and lights crucial to staying safe, warm, and comfortable.

Summers typically have a lower risk of a power outage. Still, heatwaves can put pressure on power infrastructure, which can lead to disruptions. While a power outage may be less likely or last for a shorter period, staying prepared with battery backups is still important to keep the system secure and your home more comfortable.

No matter what time of year, remain proactive by understanding your security system’s capabilities and have a plan in place for weather disruptions and other outages to ensure continuous protection.

An ADT (now Telus) monitored alarm system from Alarm Guard provides added security for you, your property, and your family. Our security systems have mechanisms to outage-proof your home security and continue to operate and keep everyone safe.

Check out our packages and call now for a free quote at 1-855-518-4458 and talk with an expert about a customized package to keep your home safe and secure, even during a power outage. Plus, a security system could help you save on homeowner’s insurance.

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