Back-up Battery

With increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, power outages are a growing concern. Storms, including snow and high winds, as well as extreme levels of heat in some areas can put more pressure on local power companies working hard to prevent power surges that can lead to power outages or blackouts, which can last minutes, hours, or even days. 

In addition, while many intruders will avoid homes that have home alarms installed, those who aren’t deterred may believe they can bypass the issue and disarm the security system by cutting power to the home before they invade. 

With Telus, you will have the peace of mind even in the darkest times, knowing your home security system will still be powered for protection with a supplemental backup battery, giving you precious hours of protection in the event of a power outage, no matter what the cause.

An ADT (now Telus) monitored alarm system from Alarm Guard will keep you feeling secure and protect your assets and could even help you save on homeowner’s insurance! Check out our packages and call now for a free quote at 1-855-518-4458 and talk with an expert about how to protect your home with Telus Monitoring Systems.

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