Basic Home Safety Checks To Do Today

Home security from malicious threats may be what is primarily on your mind, and rightfully so, but it’s important to not overlook the many home hazards that exist day in and day out around your living space. Maximizing the safety of your household doesn’t have to be a time-consuming practice – most of the safety protocols can be done in a single morning or afternoon.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple measures you and your family can take to make sure your home is as safe as can be for all.

1. Ensure tightness of all handrails

Handrails along staircases are safety essentials, yet one might overlook their condition after a while. Make sure that all handrails within your home (including the ones that are in your bathroom) are as tight as possible. Dependable handrails are for the safety of all, but especially for the elderly who place their trust in them to get up and down the stairs, as well as in and out of the bathtub.

2. Replace the indoor air filter as needed

Maybe you don’t need to do this today, especially if you’ve already taken care of it in the past, but being on top of replacing your indoor air filter is essentially for a variety of reasons. The most obvious of these is the quality of your indoor air will suffer without regular replacement. Ask anyone who deals with asthma, and they’ll tell you that’s it easy to tell when a air filter hasn’t been replaced.

Apart from the air quality, a dirty air filter can also cause damage towards your HVAC system. With a dirty and clogged filter, your HVAC system has to work harder to provide the air that you have it set to. If you regularly have the heating or cooling on, then you will likely have to change the air filter sooner than later. Some suggest changing your filter as soon as once a month during periods of heavy air condition, and between four and six weeks during heating. Different filters require different intervals of replacement, so be sure to read the manufacturer’s guidelines.

3. Get your chimney swept

It goes without saying, but it gets cold all over Canada, and if you have a chimney, there’s a good chance that you’re putting it to good use in the colder months. Although summer is currently going strong, think about getting hiring a professional chimney sweeper to make sure your chimney is in proper condition before the colder months come through.

If you don’t already have a home security system installed from Alarm Guard, take the first step and make the call. If you already have a system, then kudos to you for making the sound choice in home security.

4. Check those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

We know…we’ve said it over and over again. And now, we’re going to tell you once more: be sure to test out your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! That’s all we are going to say. You know what to do from there.

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