Most Violent Cities in Canada

Most Violent Cities in Canada

While the last couple of years have been challenging for Canadians, when it comes to overall violence, the country still remains one of the safest countries worldwide. Unfortunately, crime rates tend to rise with unemployment and uncertainty, and many cities in Canada have experienced an increase due to the recent unprecedented events. Which are the most violent cities in Canada? 

The answer has to take into account numerous variabilities from population to the number of violent crimes, including murder, assault, and rape. Cities also tend to move up and down the list depending on events, economic pressures, and other factors. That said, currently, some of the most violent cities in Canada include: 

Surrey, British Columbia:

While violent crimes, such as assault, armed robbery, vandalism, and theft, are 2% lower than the average in Canada (as of 2021), crime rates in general have soared to 30% higher than prior years. And crime climbed by 13% over last year in this mostly suburban city outside of Vancouver. There is still a lot of good to say about the area, which invites residents and visitors alike to enjoy its beautiful forests within the city, clean beaches, and ecotourism adventures.

Lethbridge, Alberta:

Assault, armed robbery, vandalism, and theft are all violent crimes that are more concerning for people in this community than in many other Canadian cities. Again, however, Lethbridge also offers plenty of benefits, including massive urban parks, adventures on the local river, and more moderate winters than in many other areas.

Red Deer, Alberta:

During the day, Red Deer is a very safe area. At night, however, it’s better to be more aware of your surroundings as the risk of being attacked rises from low to moderate. Don’t be completely deterred, though, as Red Deer still has much to offer, including great food and plenty of outdoor activities. 

most violent cities in Canada
Red Deer River Canada Photo by Ben den Engelsen on Unsplash
Sudbury, Ontario:

Crime rates here have increased in this city over the last three years. With a crime rate that’s 38% higher than the average in the province, and 3% higher than the national average, including assault, armed robbery, vandalism, and theft, Sudbury has sadly earned a spot on the list of most violent cities. So, be aware if you’re in the area to shop, adventure, sightsee, or enjoy the arts and culture this exciting city has to offer.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario:

This city ranks at #5 of the most violent cities in Ontario and #74 in the nation based on a five-year average. Again, assault, armed robbery, vandalism, and theft are examples of the violent crimes. This area, however, is right off the coastline of the Great Lakes and is filled with adventures due to the nearby Canadian Shield mountains, countless waterways with pristine beaches, and magical snowy winters, so it has more positive attributes than negatives.

North Bay, Ontario:

Over the last three years, crime has been on the rise with residents complaining that the police force has been ineffective against the increase in robberies and thefts, drug use (i.e., meth), and sexual assaults, especially at the university. On the flipside, North Bay is home to a vibrant and diverse community, culture, shopping, and lots of opportunities to adventure in the great outdoors. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba:

While the violent crime rate in Winnipeg is higher than many other cities in Canada, during the daytime, it’s considered highly safe. That said, even in the evening, assaults are considered moderate, though certainly lower than many major cities. While crime is a concern, Winnipeg has a much-deserved reputation as a friendly, welcoming city, though the winters can be long and cold. 

Brampton, Ontario:

Sadly, crime has increased by over 74% over the past 3 years in Brampton. Much of the increase appears to be due to the drug trade. The risk of being attacked due to race, gender, or religion, however, has a fairly low rate compared to other areas. Brampton is also very close to Toronto for people who work in the city but want to live in a more affordable yet vibrant and diverse city. 

Hamilton, Ontario:

Although it has the highest murder rate per capita in the eastern part of Canada and crime rate has increased by over 74% over the last 3 years, the fear of attack due to race, religion, or gender is low. In addition, it has a fast growing, booming economy, vibrant community, lots of green space, and beautiful waterfalls. 

North Battleford, Saskatchewan:

Named the “crime capital of Canada” for a number of years, this small city (only 14,535 people) unfortunately tops the list for firearm offences, breaking and entering, and impaired driving. On the flip side, the area also hosts some of the province’s best downhill skiing as well as picturesque lakes. The community is also working hard to design the environment to build infrastructure and connections to help lower crime rates.

Thompson, Manitoba:

An even smaller town (though only slightly), Thompson has been listed as second when it comes to the most violent cities in Canada due to its high rates of homicide, violent crime, assault, and drug trafficking. On the other hand, it’s also well-known for its waterfalls, wilderness, and wolves and offers amazing opportunities for adventure.

Other cities that have unfortunately been listed for their higher violent crime rates include:

  • Timmins, Ontario
  • Williams Lake, British Columbia
  • Terrace, British Columbia
  • Selkirk, Manitoba
  • Wetaskiwin, Alberta
  • Quesnel, British Columbia
  • Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
  • Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

More fortunately, other cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Edmonton, have experienced decreased crime rates. 

most violent cities in Canada
Toronto Islands Toronto Canada<br >Photo by Sandro Schuh on Unsplash

Every country has positive and negative attributes. Canada is high ranking in overall scores as well as #1 for quality of life and social purpose and comes in the top 3 (just below Denmark and Iceland) for the safest countries in the world. It also has a well-earned reputation for its green spaces, outdoor lifestyle, and environmental quality. 

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