How to Hide an Outdoor Security Camera

How to Hide an Outdoor Security Camera

Most of us take at least some measures to protect our homes when we’re away or sleeping. We lock the doors, install security lights, and perhaps ask neighbors to keep an eye out when we’re away. While only around 12% of Canadians have security cameras installed, this is becoming an increasingly common way to help keep watch over home and property. One big concern, though, is having security cameras damaged or dismantled before or during a theft. So, what’s the best way to hide an outdoor security camera? 

Setting Up Security Cameras

There are two schools of thought when it comes to security cameras and how they’re used to keep your property safe. The first school is to keep them obvious and in plain sight. This can help deter burglars from entering your property as they don’t want to be identified. For the more brazen burglars, though, they may just take it as an invitation to damage, dismantle, or destroy your security cameras, which can lead to costly replacement charges. 

To avoid this malicious intent, many home and business owners are choosing to use both options. That is, they have a more visible security camera to deter burglaries and also hide outdoor security or spy cameras, so they have evidence if someone tries to enter uninvited.

Why Hide Outdoor Security Cameras?

Security cameras, no matter where they’re placed, can leave you vulnerable to blind spots. This can allow those who want to get into your home access or make the cameras more exposed to tampering. Camera replacements aren’t always easy or affordable, so it can be worth the effort to make the camera less visible.

Top reasons to hide a security camera include:

  • Lowering the risk of the security camera being spotted and disturbed
  • Alerting you when uninvited guests enter into your yard, whether human or animal, especially if the hidden cameras are motion activated
  • Monitoring who’s coming and going from the property
  • Seeing if deliveries are on-time or if people are arriving unexpectedly
  • Allowing you to supervise your property even if you aren’t able to be there physically.

Where to Hide Your Security Camera

While choosing the right security camera for your property and needs can be time-consuming and a bit tedious, choosing where to place your security camera can be fun and challenging. Here are some of the best places to hide your outdoor security camera to keep it (and your family and property) safe:

  • In plain sight but out of reach, such as on a light post, soffit, high wall, light fixture, or roof. Just make sure the light doesn’t negatively affect the security footage.
  • As part of your doorbell, which also allows you to see who’s at your door without having to peep through a small hole. You’ll also have a wider view of your entire entryway or porch, potentially reaching all the way to the street. A motion-based camera can also alert you if someone decides to grab any packages that have been dropped off for you.
  • Within plants or flowers—the more foliage, the better. But keep an eye out to ensure the foliage doesn’t get in the way of the camera lens. You may even choose to use a sturdy artificial plant or tree and hide the camera within the trunk, so it’s less noticeable and the plant looks attractive throughout the year. Add more than one potted plant, so the camera is even more camouflaged. 
  • Don’t forget to look up—while they may not be the easiest place to hide a security camera, trees can be an excellent hiding place. Just remember, you’ll want to check regularly and maintain the security cameras, so it isn’t obscured by leaves or left too exposed when leaves fall. If you are using wired cameras, you’ll also have to account for any wires.
  • In a bird or bat house or even an abandoned bird or squirrel nest, which can completely camouflage your hidden security camera, especially if it’s wireless. Again, you will have to maintain the location in case critters decide to try to move back in or the camera lens is obstructed due to weather, wind, or animals. 

Wherever you decide to hide your security camera, make sure you test it to ensure the footage isn’t obscured by foliage, light, or another interference. You’ll also want to ensure the cables are maintained and stay connected or that you maintain a wireless connection with your camera. 

You may also be able to find skins for your camera to better camouflage it to disappear into your foliage or home color.

Where Not to Hide Your Security Camera

One tempting place to hide a security camera is securely behind glass, i.e., a window in your home. This can help prevent tampering or damage. Unfortunately, it can also make the security camera less effective. Especially for cameras that are motion activated, they may not be activated when needed. This is because standard infrared waves are unable to pass through glass. If, however, you are willing to have the camera on at all times, you may be able to use a windowsill camera to record all of the goings on around your property. 

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Security Camera for Your Property

There are several considerations beyond where to hide your security camera. Here’s a short list of other things to keep in mind to help you determine which camera is best to hide for your property:

  • Size—especially for cameras you are hiding in plain sight, size is a top consideration. You want the lens to be large enough to cover the area but small enough to conceal fairly easily. 
  • Type—motion detection vs. continuous feed. 
  • Connection—Nest and wireless cameras are the easiest to hide in a variety of places as you don’t need to worry about hiding the wiring as well as the camera.
  • Storage type—which can record and store the footage on a memory card or in the cloud. Remember, cameras left outside are easier to tamper with and you may lose your footage if the memory card is removed. So, these types of units tend to be better for wildlife observations over security.

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