Home Security for Rental Properties to Protect Your Investment and Tenants

home security for rental properties
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Owning rental property can be a wonderful opportunity to earn income, especially if you’re lucky enough to find long-term renters who are honest, reliable, and treat the property well. With today’s more mobile society, though, even if you’ve had long-term renters, they can choose to suddenly move on. Now, you need to attract and establish trust with new tenants. Or, you are new to owning rental properties (congratulations!), and you’re looking for the best way to protect your investment. That’s where home security for rental properties comes in: to help protect your investment and tenants.  

Safeguarding Your Investment and Your Tenants

It’s only natural to want to protect your investment and the people who inhabit your property. One simple solution: a home security system. The right system can transform your property into a smart home. For instance, security cameras can help you monitor your property and provide evidence if damaged.

Security cameras can also protect your renters from crime. Research has found that renters are more likely to be victims of property crimes. And simply having a home security system can help protect them (and their valuables), as criminals prefer to avoid homes with evident security systems. 

A security system can also help you find the right renters (e.g., those interested in long-term rentals) faster. Even if your property is in a busy or less appealing location, having a security system can attract quality renters looking for a safe home for their family. 

Top Benefits of Home Security for Rental Properties

Security systems provide reliable, affordable, and cutting-edge technology to enhance the security and surveillance of your property even when you aren’t there. Benefits of having home security for rental properties include:

  • Remote monitoring to keep an eye on the property when you or your renters aren’t around to protect the property and their belongings.
  • Supervision of workers if a repair needs to take place when you or your renter aren’t on the property. Security cameras also provide eyes to keep track of the project and repairs to ensure you’re happy with the quality of the job. 
  • Protect your property when no one is there—there are times when you may be between renters. And if the home or business is empty for days, weeks, or months, it may attract uninvited intruders who can damage the property, which can incur costs and may make it harder to rent. 
  • Long-term savings due to reduced chances of crime, attracting quality renters, and potentially decreased homeowner’s insurance.
home security for rental properties
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Smart Home Security Options for Rental Properties

Choosing the right setup for your rental properties is just as important as choosing it for your own home or business. Some of the most valuable tools include:

  • Outdoor security cameras that work day and night in any weather and provide a clear view of the property’s entrance points, including driveways, front and back doors, and easily accessed windows. Motion-activated cameras can also be set up to monitor specific situations. For larger properties, such as apartment buildings, you can also set up security cameras for public walkways and common areas, including hallways, laundry rooms, clubhouses, pools, and parking lots.
  • Doorbell cameras are becoming ubiquitous, for good reason. They’re great for personal security and allow you to monitor who’s visiting and even speak with people (or let them enter) when you’re not on the property. This allows you to welcome guests, confirm deliveries, and communicate with visitors from afar.
  • Smart locks have been found to be hugely beneficial for rental properties. They allow you to control the door locks from anywhere and provide keyless entry. That means you can easily let your renter in if they lock themselves out without having to rush to meet them in person. Importantly, these locks also alert you if changes are made, and it’s easy to update the locks for new renters.
  • Smart lighting, such as illuminating motion-detected floodlights, which can help scare away intruders. Smart lighting also allows you to put light (interior and exterior) on a schedule so it looks like the home is occupied, even if it isn’t. You can also turn lights on and off from your smart device. This can be especially helpful when the home is empty.
  • Security monitoring from professionals offers increased security without interfering with your tenant’s personal privacy. 

In addition to protecting against intruders, you can also choose to monitor smoke, carbon monoxide, and even water leaks to prevent damage to your property and alert your renters if there is a danger. 

home security for rental properties
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Best Practices for Security Systems for Rental Properties

While installing cameras, lighting, and other security monitoring options is a win-win for both you and your tenant, there are guidelines that must be followed to protect everyone involved. Before you have a security system installed, make sure you:

  • Know the local privacy laws and set up a system that does not intrude on others’ privacy. An experienced attorney can help you best navigate your rights in compliance with the rights of others.
  • Choose locations for security cameras to provide protection without becoming a prying eye. Look at the most vulnerable areas first, such as entryways, easily accessible windows, and public spaces. Ask your security service for assistance on placement from professionals.
  • Decide on the type of system that’s best for you and your tenants. For instance, do you want professional monitoring, self-monitoring, or a combination?
  • Know the equipment and how to access it easily when needed. And test the system to protect against false reports or errors.

An ADT (now Telus) monitored alarm system from Alarm Guard provides added security for your property and your tenants. Plus, it could help you save on homeowner’s insurance! Check out our packages and call now for a free quote at 1-855-518-4458 and talk with an expert about the best home security solutions for you, your property, and your renters.

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