How Do Home Monitoring Systems Operate?

But have you ever questioned how a security system actually works? It’s more complex than a siren sounding when the alarm system is set off when an entryway is opened or tampered with.

Here’s a look at how home monitoring systems operate:

Digital Keypad
The digital keypad is at the very core of any security system. With it, you can both arm and disarm the system. There is a provided 2-way communication feature that is also accessible on the digital keypad. 2-way communication allows users to directly communicate with an ADT (now Telus) monitoring professional, 24/7 for any reason.

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Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors are more complicated than they appear. They form an unbroken circuit when a window or door is properly closed. If the alarm system is armed and a window or door is either opened or tampered with, the circuit is no longer intact, which sets the alarm off.

Burglars will first check for unlocked entryways (windows and doors), so despite the fact that your alarm system comes equipped with sensors, you should always ensure that everything is locked.

Anytime the alarm is triggered by a disturbed window or door sensor, a high-decibel alarm siren will sound. This sound will alert anyone inside the house as well as neighbors in the nearby area. The siren will scare away any intruders trying to enter the home. In addition to this, the alarm signal will be immediately sent to a monitoring center, which appropriately handles the emergency situation.

Monitoring Center
When your alarm signal is sent to a monitoring center, an ADT (now Telus) professional is at hand to quickly notify local emergency personnel, such as the police, as well as contact you concerning the alarm being triggered. The police will dispatch to your home in a matter of minutes. You can also verify whether the alarm has gone off due to an emergency or a false alarm.

One thing to note is that if you have ADT (now Telus) Pulse, you can remotely check the status of your alarm system from anywhere, even before a situation arises. You’ll be in the know, even while you are away.

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