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Telus Monitored Home Security in Canada

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Rapid Response through 24 Hour Home Alarm Monitoring

Protecting your home and family is by far your greatest responsibility, and even though your property can be replaced, your family can't, which is why more Canadians choose Telus home security over most other home security companies in Canada.

Optional Monitoring Plans for Fire, Flood, Carbon Monoxide, and Medical Emergencies

The best home protection doesn't just cover the possibility of loss resulting from burglary and theft, but also considers the potential for fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning, and medical emergencies as well. Telus has monitoring plans to cover every contingency, with upgrades that will also allow you to connect directly to your home security system through your wireless device. Call today, and find out how you can help get your home and family protected as early as tomorrow!

Telus Provides Peace of Mind in 4 Easy Steps

Call today and get a FREE security system worth $850

Schedule your next day installation

Activate the Telus Home Monitoring for about $1 per day

Receive 24/7 monitoring for your home and family

Talk to a home security expert today: 1-855-518-4458

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