Safest Cities in Canada

According to the Global Peace Index, Canada ranks sixth among the safest countries in the world with about one-third of the crime rate as found in the neighboring United States. Like all countries, however, there are some cities that are safer than others, and security and safety remain large considerations for places to both live …

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Safest Small Cities in Canada

Often underrated, there are many reasons to live in or visit small cities, towns, and villages. They offer a different way of life that’s typically more affordable with a lower cost of living. The pace tends to be slower, so people can relax with a type of peace and quiet that’s unavailable in most big …

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What are the Safest Cities in Canada?

Safest Cities in Canada Canada is a beautiful country with rich traditions, delicious food and popular tourist attractions. Between the idyllic views at Banff National Park and the busy streets of downtown Toronto, Canada has lots to offer its citizens and travelers. When considering places to visit or reside, safety is the most important factor. …

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