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For people living in Millerton Junction and all of Canada, ADT (now Telus) Home Security remains the top choice for those looking for the best in home security service and solutions. More than 140 years of experience in home security has allowed Telus to become one of the most familiar names in home protection. If you are looking to make your home in Millerton Junction safer, then one of Telus’s specialized security packages will serve you well.

Which Telus Package Fits You?

Telus Secure

Complete Monitoring Package


Package includes $10 discount for Telus mobility members & $5 discount for 60 month term.
The all-inclusive Basic Monitoring Package affords you peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring from Telus.

  • Smart IQ Keypad (LTE cellular + Smartphone access)
  • 3 Door contacts (wireless)
  • 1 Motion sensor (wireless)
  • Panel glass break

Telus Control + Video

Full Video Package


Package includes $10 discount for Telus mobility members & $5 discount for 60 month term.
With our Video Package, you get everything in the Telus Secure, plus either an indoor or video doorbell camera with 24/7 monitoring from Telus.

  • Smart IQ Keypad (LTE cellular + Smartphone access)
  • 3 Door contacts (wireless)
  • 1 Motion sensor (wireless)
  • Panel glass break
  • Indoor camera or Video doorbell camera

Automation services can be optionally connected to door locks, thermostats, smart light bulbs and more.

Telus Custom Security

Custom Packages


Contact us to discuss packages customized to your home and family's needs. Starting at $50per month.

Everyone’s lifestyle may be different, but those who are looking for protection have the same goal in mind: security monitoring at all hours of the day. No matter which Telus package you go with in Millerton Junction, you’ll know that your home is under protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With nonstop monitoring comes a selection of three distinct security packages that you can choose from. Which one is right for you?

Essentials Package

Get the backbone of what sets Telus Home Security apart from the competition in Millerton Junction. You’ll be provided with 24/7 monitoring, plus up to three entryway points, a pet-sensitive motion detector, backup battery, yard sign/window decals, and more. The Essentials Package is the most modestly priced offering from Alarm Guard and ADT Telus, and it provides customers with a complete security solution.

Expanded Package

The Expanded Package is the next step up, and you’ll get everything that you would get with the Essentials Packages, but with critical conditioning monitoring that alerts you when weather events such as flooding and temperature have reached a potentially dangerous level in your home.

Be sure to call Alarm Guard about other potential offerings associated with the Expanded Package.

Premium Package

Being the most complete security option in Millerton Junction, the Premium Package comes with CellGuard technology that takes away the need for a landline and any hardwire drilling in your home. With a wireless security system, you can feel the peace-of-mind of home security with a simple installation done by a Telus professional

The Premium Package also comes with a feature that allows you to arm and disarm your security system from your Internet-connected smartphone. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you remembered to arm your system before you left your home anymore. Go anywhere in Millerton Junction or the rest of Canada with the power of knowing that you can protect your home whenever you need.

Get home security installed as soon as tomorrow!

When you order ADT (now Telus) Home Security through Alarm Guard in Millerton Junction, you could receive next-day installation by a professional installer. If you have any questions about how your system works, do not be afraid to ask the installer.

Also know that Telus Customer Service is always on standby to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the services being offered to you.

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