Loss from Fire and Flood

Some of the greatest threats possible come from natural or human-made disasters, including fire and flood. A single incident can virtually wipe out all your belongings, as well as threaten your family’s safety. Fortunately, you can rest easier knowing that Home Alarms Canada is able to help detect these types of disasters before they wreak havoc and result in the high costs of damages (emotional as well as monetary). 

For example, through ADT (now Telus) fire and smoke monitoring, the Customer Monitoring Centre can notify the fire department of any detections even when you’re not home. What’s more, as Flood Detector can also notify the Customer Monitoring Centre if there’s any sign of rising water through a broken water line, overflowing washer, or an external source such as incoming flood waters.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection:

Whether you’re still at home or miles away, if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, an alarm will sound and the Customer Monitoring Centre can alert the fire department of the danger. You’ll also get a notification on your smart phone, so you’ll be kept aware of the safety and protection of your home. 

Flood Protection:

With recent climate and weather changes, it’s all about planning ahead, being prepared, and remaining resilient. Water or flood damage can be devastating to your home, your valuables, and your bank account. And even if the flood waters remain far away, there’s still risk of damage from a burst pipe or even a slow leak. 

The Flood Detector Sensors can be kept on lower levels of the home near basements or drains. If they detect an increase in water, they’ll alert the Customer Monitoring Centre to then alert you. You can also use your sensors to monitor and alert you if temperatures drop steeply, so you can better protect pipes from freezing to stop a leak before it starts. So, you can handle the situation early, before it leads to big problems. 

If you do live near a flood plan, you can also equip your system with integrated flood sensors, so you’ll know when waters are rising dangerously high. You can set up your system to be alerted through the Customer Monitoring Centre, with alarms, and via a notification on your phone.

An ADT (now Telus) monitored alarm system from Home Alarms Canada will keep you feeling secure and protect your assets and could even help you save on homeowner’s insurance! Check out our packages and call now for a free quote at 1-855-518-4458 and talk with an expert about how to protect your home from fire or flood loss.

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