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Are Security Systems Effective

Are Security Systems Effective?

If you’re like most Canadians, after you moved into your home, someone (such as your real estate agent or a parent or sibling) suggested you secure your home and all your valuables with a security system. Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, you just never got around to it. Maybe it seems like too much …

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apartment security system

Best Apartment Security System

Best Apartment Security System No matter where you live—in a single-family house or a multifamily dwelling—you want to ensure you, your family, and your possessions are safe and secure. Some apartment complexes have added security measures to keep people who don’t live there out, but depending on the building and management, that might not always …

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safest provinces in Canada

Safest Provinces in Canada

Safest Provinces in Canada Choosing where to live and where to vacation can be challenging. Climate, weather, affordability, and security are all important factors. Fortunately, according to Statistic Canada, Canada enjoys a low crime rate overall. Plus, the rate of violent crimes has been declining steadily since the late ‘90s, with a measurable decrease of …

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Canada Robbery Statistics

Canada Robbery Statistics

Canada Robbery Statistics Robbery is defined as theft of property from an individual or business. It typically means by force or threat of force or violence (such as a mugging, bag snatching, or hold up). According to Canada Robbery Statistics, rates of robbery have been trending downward over the last two decades. They dropped significantly …

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most violent cities in Canada

Most Violent Cities in Canada

Most Violent Cities in Canada While the last couple of years have been challenging for Canadians, when it comes to overall violence, the country still remains one of the safest countries worldwide. Unfortunately, crime rates tend to rise with unemployment and uncertainty, and many cities in Canada have experienced an increase due to the recent …

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